Shaheen Bagh (a boutique resort and spa)


Evoking sophistication and elegance, The Master Suite allows you to live and breathe the spirit of Colonial India. It is our most magnificent suite. The grandest suite offers views of nature and orchards that will capture your imagination.

The modern services with a traditional twist gives this room an edge. The sensual lines and warm tones of this suite are reflected from the exquisite four poster bed, which is especially sourced from south eastIndia. The earthy tones are further accentuated with the rare kilims from Afghanistan. The pristine, spacious room gets deeper character with a large woodenwriting deskchest from Sri Lanka.

The bath here offers a rejuvenating experience. Voted as the ‘Best bathroom in India,’ by an independent magazine survey, the bathroom boasts of rich ornamentation, bold colors and striking shapes. Bright and vibrant, the bathroom features a sunken bath .

The Private Sitting Room

Enjoy living a life beyond the public eye with a private sitting room. Featuring a cozy-warm theme, this room is attached to the master bedroom and features Chinoiserie decorative style of architecture painting with Chinese motifs and techniques. As one of the best luxury resorts in Dehradun, we provide you with amenities like television, home theatre system, comfortable furniture and a choice of DVDs to spend a lovely time at this place.