Luxury Rooms in Dehradun at Shaheen Bagh

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Our grand Villa with4 rooms offers the best stay for traveling families. With a massive area of 4600 sq ft, this luxurious accommodation is equipped with top-notch amenities, providing a regal experience for our esteemed guests. The Villa has 4 rooms and can accommodate a maximum of 2 guests in each room.


Shaheen Bagh Resort Dehradun Jungle Fowl Master Suite_Stay In Dehradun_Suite In Dehraduns4

Located in the serene area of Dehradun, our charming Cottage provides a delightful stay with its ample space and cozy atmosphere. This 1100 sq ft accommodation is equipped with a range of amenities, ensuring your comfort and relaxation throughout your visit. The Cottage has 11 rooms and can accommodate a maximum of 3 guests in each room.


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Our spacious Hill View Rooms extend into a private balcony, offering mesmerizing vistas of the surrounding hills. Each of these 600 sq ft rooms is named after birds, symbolizing their elegant and calm nature, providing a serene ambiance for your stay.


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Our sophisticated Vintage Room is located in the heart of Dehradun. With an area of 325 sq ft, this tastefully designed room is named after the beautiful bird found in our Dehradun resorts, reflecting the serene and graceful atmosphere you'll enjoy during your stay. The Vintage Room can accommodate a maximum of 10 guests.