Trekking in Dehradun with Shaheen Bagh Hotel & Resort, Dehradun

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nature walk 1 Shaheen Bagh Resort Dehradun_Uttarakhand Best Resorts

At Shaheen Bagh Hotel & Resort, our Dehradun resort, guests have the golden to experience the beauty of nature in its raw form with adventurous treks. Walk past the meandering streams, tread through hanging bridges, experience the fresh morning mist as you delve further into the rawness of Mother Nature. These Nature Walks come as three different levels depending upon the difficulty level. Guest can choose the level depending upon their ease.

Level- Easy :

  • Walk toBhitaliVillage (Duration- 60 minutes)

This walk takes the guests to the interiors of the village where they can explore the daily routines of the villagers. The simplicity and calmness of the village are sure to touch your heart. Indulge in the daily activities such as cattle milking and enjoy every single moment here.

Level- Moderate :

  • Walk to Shigally to Kimari Plant (Duration- 90 minutes)

This one leads you to a hanging bridge over 60 years old. Tread your way through this bridge as you soak in the best of the lush green surrounding. The walk covers the Bhitali village where guests can indulge in activities and experience the best of village life.

  • Walk to Sal jungle from Shaheen Bagh(Duration- 2 hours)

The walk starts at our Dehradun hotel & resort and covers all aspects of a relaxed yet refreshing trek. The trek starts in the morning, leads you to the upstream where you can revel in the cool waters of the Tons river. The route leads you towards the village where the simplicity of village can be explored. The trek culminates with guests experiencing a rendezvous with the enigmatic Sal jungle.

  • Walk to Shantala Devi Temple (Duration- 3 hours)
This nature walk starts at the resort and covers quite a lot of interesting places. Enjoy trekking through the verdant Sal jungle where the lush and gigantic Sal trees steal the limelight. The walk continues to the Shantala Devi Temple covering Sigally, Galjwari and Santoorgarh on the way.

Level- Difficult :
  • Walk through Tons River(Duration- 2 hours)
The adventure gets the most roaring in this walk. Starting at our resort in Dehradun, the guests are led to the Ton river. Encounter some mesmerizing natural landscapes during your journey, explore caves having natural bathing ponds and experience rejuvenation right amidst the raw nature. Head to the Tons river, where you splash into the cool waters. Taking this trek during Monsoons adds on to the fervour as guests can indulge in fishing as well.

*Wear floaters or sports shoes for all nature walks. Carry a backpack to bring essentials.