Jungle Fowl - a Beautiful Cottage

Advice from a Jungle Fowl
Rise & Shine to every occasion
Use your voice for the greater good
Be fit & stay curious


Welcome to our Jungle Fowl Vintage Cottage, a luxurious getaway adorned with mesmerizing iridescent colors that symbolize improvement for the mind, body, and soul. The Rooster family represents knowledge, curiosity, and courage, reminding us to stay sharp and pay attention to the cues of nature and the universe. The Jungle Fowl serves as a spirit guide, teaching us to use our voice for the greater good and to be prepared for unexpected opportunities. With decor inspired by the Rooster family's attributes of knowledge, curiosity, and courage, and the Jungle Fowl's spirit guide qualities, our cottage exudes positive energy and style, creating a tailor-made luxury experience. So, relax, unwind and revitalize yourself in our cottage

Spiritual Symbol
Curiosity, Youth & Vigour

Red Jungle Fowl
Gallus gallus