Crimson Sunbird- Hill View Room

Advice from a Crimson Sunbird
Be Swift and Free
Take Charge of your life and decisions
Be Lively and Cheerful


Welcome to Crimson Sunbird room! The room is inspired by the drama, delight, and stability of the Crimson sunbirds. Dabbed with crimson in every corner, the mood of the décor facilitates rejuvenating oneself. The room is perfect for the ones seeking a vacation that is the perfect blend of adventure, thrills, and homeliness. Known as the masters of the sky, the Crimson sunbirds know how to grab attention, take charge of every decision and move on in split seconds Without being bogged down by earthly struggles, the bird moves freely in the skies, seeking its freedom and purpose. With striking red-colored plumes, the bird is joyous, full of love, and constructive in nature. Indulging on nectar, these beautiful birds teach us the importance of symbiosis and living in harmony with nature :)

Spiritual Symbol
Swift, Prompt, Cheerful

Crimson sunbird
Aethopyga siparaja