Flycatcher - Hill View Room

Advice from a Flycatcher
Be Grateful, Be Genuine, Be kind to yourself


Welcome to the Flycatcher Hill View Room! As a patron of change, the Flycatcher appears in your waking life and dreams as a sign to deeply heal. This bird represents confidence and exploration, guiding you to understand yourself better and appreciate others. Be authentic and genuine to yourself, and pursue satisfaction in becoming the best version of you. Be open to unexpected outcomes and blessings, and your patience will be rewarded with a surge of new energy in your life. Our Hill View room is designed to pamper you, with a cozy interior and a majestic view of the Shivaliks. You'll feel renewed and lighter as your life moves forward, so it's time to plan a vacation full of hope, adventure, and miraculous outcomes. Put your legs up and take a break you've been putting off for too long. It's time to feel free and fly, and you deserve all the goodness life has to offer.

Spiritual Symbol
Humble, Genuine and Full of vigour!

Fork-tailed flycatcher
Tyrannus savana