Sparrow - Hill View Room

Advice from a Sparrow
Be Simple, Be independent, Unity is strength


Welcome to this room inspired by the beautiful sparrow, which teaches us the important life lesson of asserting ourselves with a balance of joy and empowerment. Sparrows are symbols of resurrection and help us recognize our self-worth, dignity, and power. These hardworking birds never rest and continuously gather food for a life of comfort and security. By working together in unity, they achieve bigger goals and protect themselves. This teaches us to care for others, nurture relationships, and adapt to situations outside our comfort zone. Sparrows encourage us to let our creative side take charge and do wonders. This room is filled with colors sourced from local businesses to match the positive and cheerful exuberance of the chirpy sparrows. Are you ready to embrace the sparrow's qualities and thrive like one?

Spiritual Symbol
Simplicity, Freedom and Independence

House sparrow
Passer domesticus