A Green Getaway: Sustainable Luxury at Shaheen Bagh Hotel & Resort

Dehradun isn't just a place; it's our heart's home. During our early years of marriage, life took us away, but the valley's call never faded. As bird enthusiasts, my husband and I would use our rare breaks to explore the local woods, hoping to catch sight of Shaheen Falcons and other feathered friends. Oh, how we wish you could see Dehradun in its glory days! It truly was the golden era of the valley - lush greenery, bright blue skies, and vibrant amaltas, gulmohars, Dhak, and Kachnars in full bloom.

Our hearts sank when we learned of the dwindling population of Shaheen Falcons and the endangerment of sparrows. The cause? Diminishing forests and expanding human settlements threatened our beloved valley. It wasn't just nature in peril; it was our home. That urgency birthed a dream: to preserve, to heal, to coexist.

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Our initial focus was on creating a sustainable and eco-friendly retreat for our guests. Rejecting the notion of towering structures for more rooms, we prioritized authenticity over quantity. For this reason, we aimed to hire locally as much as possible. However, the most poignant challenge was witnessing the migration of villagers, the stewards of these forests, due to a lack of employment opportunities, a direct consequence of environmental degradation. We turned this adversity into opportunity by investing in local talent. Training locals in hospitality etiquette, we began hiring from the grassroots, individuals with a deep understanding of the area, nurturing them into our greatest asset.

Along this journey, we discovered Purkal Stree Shakti, a social enterprise empowering local women artisans. Their meticulous craftsmanship now adorns our rooms in bird-themed quilts, each sewn with love and care. These quilts, handcrafted over 3-4 months and spanning 180 hours, embody the essence of our rooms, offering our guests an authentic experience.

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Our commitment to sustainability extends to our food sources. Embracing farm-to-table dining, we source fresh produce from Kiwi Kisan Mandi and pulses from Bakri Chaap. Every meal at Shaheen Bagh Hotel & Resort is not just an utterly delicious experience but also a story of respect for nature and eco-conscious dining.

From conserving energy to minimizing waste, we strive to tread lightly. Nestled amidst majestic mountain views and the verdant landscapes of the Doon Valley, my husband Arun and I, the founders of Shaheen Bagh Hotel & Resort, invite you to experience sustainable luxury like never before. Join us on our journey towards a greener future, where luxury meets sustainability. Book your stay today and immerse yourself in the harmony of nature and hospitality at Shaheen Bagh Hotel & Resort.

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