The Mighty Shaheen Falcon!

Do you know that Guru Govind Singh, whose potent image of holding a white falcon is revered all over, is also known as the ‘Chittaye baaja wala?’ The epithet translates to ‘keeper of the white falcon,’ and this falcon is no ordinary bird. Guru Govind Singh's chosen falcon, known as the Shaheen Baaj, embodies the values and traits proposed for Khalsa members.

Self-reliance, freedom, humility, detachment, resilience, courage, industriousness, and courage are the unique traits that the Shaheen Baaj or the White Falcon personifies. The White Falcon relies on itself for its food - it hunts and preys but never eats the food if provided. The falcon cannot be caged, it soars high in the sky but is rooted to its hunting ground. It never keeps a permanent home, it is detached, strong, and never afraid. It is resilient and hardworking. Yet when it flies, it rules the sky - nobility and blue blood embodies the very existence of the Shaheen Baaj.

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The name of our hotel & resort in Dehradun - Shaheen Bagh, is inspired by this magnificent falcon. Nestled amidst 7 acres of greenery, this boutique resort and spa is a romantic abode, surrounded by orchids, mountains, and rivers. Inundated by birds, this old-world hotel & resort in Dehradun is the perfect place to experience nature and serenity while enjoying the luxuries of life!

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